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STATE DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL                                                   January 2, 2002
Integrated Services Delivery
Docking State Office Building
Room 681 - West
Topeka, Kansas 66612

TO:   Area Directors
         Economic and Employment Support Chiefs
         Economic and Employment Support Staff
         Social Service Chiefs
         Other Staff

RE: Errata - Kansas Economic and Employment Support Manual (KEESM)
        Revision No. 8 ONLINE VERSION ONLY

The following changes are being made to the online version on KEESM Revision No. 8 due to wording errors, information and comments received after the final copy was approved. Necessary changes have also been made to the online version of the Summary of Changes.

KEESM 10032 - The NOTE stating that "for Registered providers and providers enrolling with a temporary permit, payment should not be authorized beyond the expiration date of the document. A new ES-1642/DA-146a is required for a new authorization period" has been removed.

Late comments were received regarding this policy. Some perceived this policy as hindering flexibility and adding more work at the local level in monitoring enrollment. This was not the intent. Areas should be reminded to have procedures in place for monitoring regulated providers who have end dated documents with KDHE in order to insure proper payments are made. Areas may choose to utilize the end date on the ES-1642 which would be considered to meet notice requirements for ending the enrollment, or indicate "ongoing" enrollment on the ES-1642 and then provide 30 days termination notice to the provider. Payments made to a provider while not in good standing with KDHE should be considered overpayments.

KEESM 10033 Chart - A change has been made to the annual renewal requirements for Out of Home Relative and Public School District Operated Programs. An ES-1642/DA-146a is only required on an annual basis if the area has utilized the end date option on the ES-1642. If this document is end dated then a new ES-1642 will need to be submitted. If the area has chosen to authorize an "ongoing" enrollment, a 30 day termination notice would be required to end the enrollment.

KEESM 13230 (2) (b) - An error has been corrected in the section. This section should read "Interest income greater than $50 per month". Previous wording indicated "less than $50 per month".

KEESM 13310 - A technical correction has been made to the third paragraph. The paragraph now reads "No person or household may receive LIEAP benefits more than once in a calendar year". Previous wording stated " No one may receive LIEAP benefits in more than one household in a calendar year".

KEESM 13421 (3) - A technical correction has been made to this section. The section now reads "If neither option is verified; the entire benefit amount will be issued for the purchase of the primary heating fuel". Previous wording stated "If neither option is designated on the application and/or proof of account(s) is not provided; the entire benefit amount will be issued for the purchase of the primary heating fuel".

KEESM 13422 (2) and (3) - Due to a last minute change in check issuance procedures, references to two-party checks and one party checks has been changed. Two-party checks will no longer be issued. Section (2) now reads "Check Payable to the Vendor - A check is sent to the recipient payable to the energy vendor for the benefit of the recipient in the following circumstances:" Section (3) now reads "Check payable to Household - A check is issued to the household in the following circumstances:"

Based on this notification, modifications will be made immediately to the online manual as this version has been available since December 17, 2001. Due to delays at the state printer, the hard copy version of this revision is now not expected to be completed until the second week in January 2002. Rather than issue the hard copy manual revision and the errata at the same time using two different print jobs, it was decided to make the needed corrections to the original print job which was waiting to be processed. This would allow the field to get one complete manual revision in January 2002.

We appreciate your patience in this rather unusual method of policy dissemination. We believe, however, that by taking advantage of a delay at the state printer, staff time will ultimately be saved by not issuing both the original hard copy and an errata at the same time.



Sandra C. Hazlett, Director
Economic and Employment Support



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