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STATE DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL                                                          Date: April 17, 2003
Integrated Services Delivery
Docking State Office Building
Room 681 - West
Topeka, Kansas 66612

TO:  Area Directors
        Economic and Employment Support Chiefs
        Economic and Employment Support Staff
        Social Service Chiefs
        Other Staff

RE: Errata - Kansas Economic and Employment Support Manual (KEESM) Revision No. 14

This errata is in reference to the change in Revision No. 14 regarding verification of dependent care expenses. Refer to the Summary of Changes, item I.A. (1).

One section of the manual, 9211.2, Verification for Monthly Reporting Households, was inadvertently not modified as a result of this change. Please follow the pen-and-ink instructions below to revise this section.

Instructions: On page 9-5 dated 5-00, make the following two corrections:

  1. 9211.2 (1)(a) - After "income", remove "monthly dependent care payments (also refer to Policy Memo 99-10-11),".

    The item should read, "For cash and food stamps - verification of gross income and all questionable information;".

  2. 9211.2 (2)(a) - Delete the entire second sentence that reads "Also, if the household reporting a dependent care payment does not provide verification of that expense, the agency shall not allow a dependent care deduction. If a portion of the expense is verified, that amount shall be allowed."

    The item should read " For cash and food stamps, if verification of all earned income is not provided, the Monthly Report From shall be considered incomplete, refer to 9212."

The on-line version of the May manual material has already been modified to reflect this change.


Bobbi Mariani Director
Economic and Employment Support


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