The Economic and Employment SERVICES Manual 04-24


2024 Policy Memo

  24-04-01 Summer EBT (SEBT)      

2023 Policy Memo

  23-12-10 Supplemental P-EBT for School Year (SY) 2022-2023   23-09-09 American Rescue Plan TANF Pandemic Emergency Assistance
  23-08-08 Child Care P-EBT School Year (SY) 2022-2023  


Revised 08-10-23

Replacement of Stolen EBT Benefits due to Card Skimming, Card Cloning or other similar fraudulent events
  23-04-04  Public Health Emergency Termination   23-03-03 Victims of Sexual Harassment and Survivors of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, or Stalking
  23-01-02 COVID-19 Pandemic Emergency Allotment Termination   23-01-01 Food Assistance FFCRA Adjustment – Use Periodic Report Procedures to Recertify Households

2022 Policy Memo

  22-11-03 Applying for a social security number (SSN) for benefit eligible non-citizens   22-11-16 Supplemental P-EBT School Year (SY) 2021-2022
  22-08-02 Hero Relief Program and Temporary Emergency Child Care Provisions Ending  


(Revised 05-15-24)

Ukrainian Parolees Now Eligible for TANF, Food Assistance and Child Care
  22-09-19 Child Care P-EBT School Year (SY) 2021-2022   22-03-01 Income Eligibility Determinations: Child Care Hero Relief Program

2021 Policy Memo

        21-11-13 American Rescue Plan TANF Pandemic Emergency Assistance

(Revised 12-14-23)

Afghan Parolees Now Eligible for TANF, Food Assistance and Child Care

  21-09-11 CC Ending Temporary Expansion of Definition of Relative CC Provider
  21-09-10 TANF Provisions for COVID-19 Pandemic Related Needs   21-09-09 COVID-19 Food Assistance and TANF Interviews Temporarily Waived
  21-08-08 Documentation Requirement for Iraqi and Afghan Special Immigrants   21-07-07 KDOL Wages and Unemployment Interface/ BARI and BASI Unemployment and Wage System
  21-07-06 Independent Living Pandemic Relief Program   21-06-05 Pandemic EBT (P-EBT) School and Child Care School Year (SY) 2020-2021


Adjustment to Hero Relief Program      
  21-02-02 Unclear Information & Lottery and Gambling Winnings – Food Assistance  


(Revised 03-22-21)

Temporary 15% Increase in Maximum Food Assistance Allotments due to COVID-19, Student Eligibility, and Unemployment Income

2020 Policy Memo

  20-10-11 Verification of Excess Income for Food Assistance      
  20-09-10 Purchases for client supports using the P-Card in Employment Services Programs   20-09-09 COVID-19 Child Care Memo #4


September 2020 CC for School Age Children and Hero Relief Program Phase II: Child Care for Parents Performing Essential Functions for COVID-19  

(Originally numbered

COVID-19 Child Care Policy Memo #2
(Final Phase) (Phase 3) (Phase 2) (Phase 1)
Pandemic-EBT (P-EBT)   20-04-03 Hero Relief Program: Child Care for Parents Performing Essential Fuctions for COVID-19
(updated 7/2/20)
Food Assistance Emergency Allotments   20-03-03 TANF Provisions for COVID-19 Pandemic Related Needs
  20-03-02 Emergency Child Care Provisions for COVID-19 Pandemic Related Needs   20-03-01 KDOL Wages and Unemployment Interface

2018 Policy Memo



Executive Team Review Hardship for SRCC      

2016 Policy Memo

  16-02-01 EBT Repayments      

2015 Policy Memo


Work Program Orientation Process


2014 Policy Memo

  14-08-02 Protective Payee Changes for Suspicion-Based Drug Testing   14-11-03 KWKReferrals

2013 Policy Memo

  13-07-04 Telephone Interviews   13-02-02 Monthly Work Programs Sample Pull

2012 Policy Memo

  12-11-03 Termination of the Social Security Application (SSA) Component:  Phase 1   12-08-01 Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault (DSA)

2009 Policy Memo

  09-12-04 DCF & KHPA Coordination Sharing Information   09-12-05 TAF and Pregnancy Verifications

2007 Policy Memo



Solutions Recovery Care Coordination (SRCC)

2005 Policy Memo



Child Care Family Share Deduction Rev. 11-22-06



TAF and Financial Support from Provider to Out of Home Relative Caretakers


05-03-01 Exclusion of Combat Pay



2004 Policy Memo



Child Care Plan Authorization - Sleep Time for Children

2003 Policy Memo



Food Stamp Non-Citizen Restoration

2001 Policy Memo



Child Care Provider Agreement Denial or Termination




2000 Policy Memo



Access to Benefits for Qualifying and Non-qualifying Aliens and Their Families





1999 Policy Memo



Farm Loss Provisions


99-10-03 Potential Resources


99-10-01 Assistance Planning



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